Volvo Race

At 8:40 and 21 seconds on September 28 the Volvo Race will begin. The contenders will start their journey to the finish line where Volvo V60 T3 will be awarded to the person to cross the line first.

The top women will run with 19 minutes and 39 seconds advantage* and the top men will have 42 kilometers and 195 meters to catch up wih them. Whoever crosses the finish line first - gets the car! Thousands of fans along the course as well as viewers in the National Stadium will watch this exciting race for Volvo V60 T3. Who is going to snatch the bounty?

Be with us on September 28 and see it yourself!
* 19 minutes and 39 seconds is the difference between average best three men’s and best three women’s times in PZU Warsaw Marathon 2013.