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Races for Children “Young Heroes of the National Stadium” were so popular last year that we have decided to develop them. Whole Saturday will be devoted for children! Even children born in 2014 are welcomed to have fun. We have also added a category for juniors. As a part of children Saturday, various atractions and a multi-discipline event will be organized.

Young Heroes of the National Stadium will run on following distances:
– Crawlers Race (2012 and younger) distance:100 m, 11:00 am (entries completed)
– Toddlers Race (2010-2011) distance: 200 m, 12:30 pm (entries completed)
– Wobblers Race (2008-2009) distance: 200 m, 02:00 pm (entries completed)
– Twisters Race (2006-2007) distance: 400 m, 03:30 pm (entries completed)
– Juniors Race (2004-2005) distance: 750 m, 04:30 pm
– Rascals Race (2002-2003) distance: 1500 m, 05:15 pm
– Challengers Race (1999-2001) distance: 1500m, 05:45 pm

September 26, 2015
Registration starts: July 15, 2015
Entry fee: 10 EUR
Participants limit: 2,000

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1. The Organizer of Races is Warsaw Marathon Foundation.

2. Date of the event: September 26, 2015

3. Start and finish will be located at the National Stadium or in its immediate vicinity (depending on distance)

4. Age categories and distances:
– distance ca. 100 m “Crawlers Race” (2012 and younger)
– distance ca. 200 m “Toddlers Race” (2010-2011)
– distance ca. 200 m “Wobblers Race” (2008-2009)
– distance ca. 400 m “Twisters Race” (2006-2007)
– distance ca. 750 m “Juniors Race” (2004-2005)
– distance ca. 1500 m “Rascals Race” (2002-2003)
– distance ca. 1500m “Challengers Race” (1999-2001)

5. Every child can participate in race provided that she/he is registered by parent, legal guardian or teacher.

6. Registration for the race takes place via . A group of children can be registered from one profile.

7. Limits of participants. In one round can start up to 75 participants (50 participants in case of “Crawlers Race”). The Organizer plans to organize one round or a couple of rounds in each age category. The Organizer plans to carry out up to 28 rounds at 15 minutes intervals. The number of registered participants determines the number of rounds in each age category. Participant will be allocated to specific round at the moment of settling the entry fee. There is no possibility to choose or to change allocated round. The Organizer will inform on the website of the event about exhausted limit of participants in a given age category.
Registration will be closed on September 21 or in the case of exhausted limit of participants.

8. Races will be carried out from 11:00 am until 06:00 pm from youngest to oldest age categories. Detailed time schedule of rounds will be provided around 2 weekd before the event – approximate schedule of races in particular age categories: Crawlers Race 11:00 am, Toddlers Race 12:00 pm, Wobblers Race 01:00 pm, Twisters Race 02:30 pm, Junior Race 04:00 pm, Rascals Race 05:00 pm, Challengers Race 05:30.

9. Participation in the race is determined by the order of payment of entry fee not on a first-come-first-served basis. There is no possibility to transfer participants to another round in a given age category.

10. In order to participate in the race each participant is to undergo identity check in the Race Office, which will be located in the Gallery of the National Stadium (entrance from ul. Zieleniecka) Friday 25.09, from 12:00 pm util 8:00 pm, Saturday from 10:00 am until 30 minutes before start of next round*.

11. Race kits can be received only by parent/legal guardian (identity card with photo required).

12. Registration for the race takes place via Participant shall be registered by parent or legal guardian.

13. Registration for the race will be possible until the fulfillment of participants limit. Filling in the electronic form and paying the entry fee are together considered as a registration for the race . If the limit is not reached, the online registration will be closed on September 21, 2015. After this date the registration will be possible only in the Race Office till the limit of participants. Those who will settle the entry fee after September 18, 2015 and will not receive the confirmation of payment from the Organizer will have to present the confirmation of payment in the Race Office.

14. Each participant is obliged to provide to the Race Office competitor’s “Statement of parent or legal guardian on child’s ability to participate in recreational and sports activities” with the signature of parent or legal guardian, expressing consent to minor’s participation in the Races and taking responsibility for her/him. The statement will be sent by mail after the registration or will be available to download with race card from participant’s profile.

15. The entry fee is 10 EUR per participant.

16. Payments can be made with a credit card via Polcard system available at 

17. The Organizer will provide the participants with starting numbers with time measuring chips, drinks at the finish line and keepsake medals at the end of the race.

18. Parent or legal guardian has to agree to submit to the requirements of these regulations, including consent to the processing of personal data in accordance with Polish act of August 29, 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (unified text: Journal of Laws of 2002 No.101, item 926 with later amendments). The Organizer reserves the right, as well as entities associated with him entities, to carry out interviews with each of the Participants, to take photos and/or film, use names, images or voice and other materials from the race or other situations related to participation in the race for the purpose of advertisement, promotion. The Organizer reserves the right to use materials stated above on the Internet or in radio-television broadcast. The Organizer reserves all other commercial needs with the right to modify materials stated above. The Organizer also reserves , as well as entitles related entities, the right to free worldwide use of any photos, footage, interviews and audio recordings of Participants. This kind of images, materials, interviews and recordings can be placed free on selected electronic data carrier and media, including television, radio, newspapers, magazines, websites and exhibitions. They can be used for the purposes of advertisement, promotion and any other commercial purposes related to the activities carried out by the Organizer. At the same time parent or legal guardian acknowledges to change, modify and short-cut the use of the name, image, voice, biographical information of Participant. Parent or legal guardian and participant declare that the Organizer is not and will not be obligated to pay any fees associated with the rights described in this section. Parent or legal guardian grants the Organizer and its related entities, unlimited license to use the expression, information and Participant’s ideas for any purpose, without obligation to notify and pay any fee to Participant, in particular for advertising and promotion of the Race.

19. Electronic chips will be used for time measurement.

19a. The classification is based on the official time (gross – gun). Final results of age category will be created by combining the results of each round of this category.*

20. The results of the run will be available at

21. The Organizer will provide changing rooms and deposits, which will be located on level -2 at the National Stadium.

22. The Organizer assures personal accident insurance up to guaranteed sum of 5,000 PLN. Parent or legal guardian is obliged to sign the declaration of acquaintance with rules and regulations of the race.
By signing the declaration parent or legal guardian agrees for giving minor participant first aid by medical and paramedical services and for medical treatment and the transportation of the participant to safe place in case of emergency by services approved by the Organizer. Parent or legal guardian notes that participating in the run is connected with physical effort, natural risk of accident, body injury and physical trauma (including death) and material loss.
Additionally, another risks which are unforeseeable now can occur. Signing this document means that parent or legal guardian considered all the risks connected with the participation in the race and will allow the start of minor participant on parent’s or legal guardian’s liability. All decisions made by medical service about the continuation of the run are final.

23. Staying on the route of the without a valid start number is prohibited. People without valid start numbers will be removed from the route by the service crew of the run. For safety reasons, no inline skates, bikes, skateboards or other devices are allowed without the Organizer’s permission.
Using nordic walking sticks and running with dogs are also forbidden.

24. Children run distance appropriate for given age category on their own – parents and legal guardians will not be allowed to enter the course (exept “Clawrels Race”, where children are allowed to start with parent/legal guardian).

25. The interpretation and implementation of amendments to these regulations are the exclusive right of the Organizer. Decisions made by the Organizer are final.

26. These regulations apply to all participants.

27. During the run all participants must have their starting numbers attached to the front of the their race tops, under penalty of disqualification.

28. The Organizer provides medical care on the race course and finish line.

29. The Organizer is not responsible for belongings lost during the event.

30. The Organizer reserves the right to cancel the event without giving reasons.

31. Contact to the Organizer: Warsaw Marathon Foundation, ul. Grochowska 8c, 04-217 Warszawa, Tel. 784 834 673 mail:[email protected]


* substitutions of September 12, 2015

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