Will I get a finisher's medal?
- Yes, every participant will get a medal upon completion of the race.

Is the course certified?
- Yes, the course is certified by the IAAF.

Will I get a T-shirt?
- Yes, a cotton T-shirt is included in the entry fee and you will get it in the race kit. You can also buy additional commemorative technical adidas T-shirt of Warsaw Marathon.

Does the course have water stations?
- Refreshment stations (water) every 2.5K beginning from 5K. On every other station (from 10K onwards) there will be water, isotonic drinks and banans.

Can I deposit my personal belongings at the beginning of the race?
- Yes, you can deposit your belongings in a special deposit zone before the race near the start/finish and have them back after the finish.

How is the time measured?
- Time measurement is standard chip timing. Split times will be taken at 5, 10, 15, 21.1, 25, 30 and 35 K.

How is the course marked?
- Kilometer markers will be posted and course marshalls will be present along the way.

Will I get a finisher's certificate?
- Yes, the certificate can be downloaded approximately 15 days after the marathon at www.maratonwarszawski.com

Is the course easy or tough?
- It is easy. There is only one climb between kilometers 25 and 26 but it is not very difficult. On the other hand, there are two declines – between kilometer 5 and 7 and then between kilometer 40 and 42. A very similar course last year produced a 2:08 time of the winner (and he ran a solo race!) so what better proof do you need?

Does the event offer a half marathon option?
- No, there is no half marathon.

Are relay teams allowed to participate in the Warsaw Marathon?
- No. We do not have a relay division. Each participant must individually complete the full 42.195K distance.

Can I pick up my race kit on the day of the race?
- There is no race day pick-up of race kits. All participants must pick up their bib numbers and the kit prior to race day.

How long is the course open?
- The course is open for 6 hours, 30 minutes.

Is the Warsaw Marathon a Boston Qualifier?
- Yes. The Warsaw Marathon is a great course for running a qualifying time for the Boston Marathon.

What if I come with my family? What do they do throughout the race other than waiting?
- Actually, Warsaw Marathon is a perfect race for fans, too. Your family or friends can wave you good-bye at the start, then get on the tram going to the city center, then get on the subway and get off at one of the last subway stations where the marathon course goes. Then they use the subway and tram on their way back to the finish line – getting off at subsequent stops as the marathon course runs right above or along the rails! Thanks to that they can follow you for more than 10K and then – wait for you in the stands of the stadium. A detailed instruction for marathon fans will be available in the „Fans” section closer to the date of the race.

How can find a hotel in Warsaw?

- A list of recommended hotels can be found here.

How do you move around in Warsaw?
- The easiest and cheapest option is to use the public transport. Warsaw has a good network of buses, trams and railways (incl. Subway) and it is very cheap. If you stay up to 3 days in Warsaw we recommend that you buy a 3-day city ticket at PLN 12 (ca. 3 Euro) – it is good for all trams, buses, subway and railways within the Warsaw city area.

How do I buy a city ticket?
- You can buy one at a newsstand at the airport (or in one of numerous newstands in town or at subway stations). Ask for a 3-day ticket (bilet trzydniowy) – it costs PLN 24 and looks like this. You have to activate it in a yellow activator as soon as you get on the train or any other means of transport (only during the first trip – for all following trips you simply have to have it with you). A 3-day ticket is valid until the midnight of the 3rd day from activating (if you activate it on Friday it is valid until 23:59 hours on Sunday).


How do I get to my hotel?
- To get from the airport to downtown Warsaw you take a train (from Warszawa Lotnisko Chopina station – trains go only in one direction so you can't get on a wrong one) and get off at Warszawa-Ochota, Warszawa-Śródmieście, Warszawa-Powiśle or Warszawa-Stadion (depends on where your hotel is). Like everywhere in the world – mind the pickpockets.