About Warsaw

Warsaw has been the capital of Poland for more than 400 years. Its story goes back to two siblings – Wars and Sawa (hence the Polish name: Warszawa) – who were nurtured by a mermaid. A mermaid with a sword and a shield is the symbol of the city.

It has the population of nearly 2 million. It was nearly completely destroyed during the World War II – first during Nazi invasion (1939), the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising (1943), then – during the Warsaw Uprising (1944). In 1945 it was 75% in ruins. The reconstruction of the city lasted until the 1970's, but some sections of the city have never gotten their previous shape.

The 1990's and the dawn of the 21st century triggered another important chapter in the city's history. Numerous investments in the infrastructure brought a lot of new buildings and roads. It is becoming a truly charming place. For more detailed information go here >>>

We hope to see you in Warsaw this September!