The Pacemakers

As always, a group of pacemakers will help runners of 36th PZU Warsaw Marathon to keep correct pace while running. This year pacemakers will be tasked to complete the course in following times: 3:00:00, 3:10:00, 3:15:00, 3:20:00, 3:30:00, 3:35:00, 3:40:00, 3:45:00, 3:50:00, 3:55:00, 4:00:00, 4:10:00, 4:15:00, 4:20:00, 4:30:00, 4:40:00, 4:50:00

Please note that given times are net times (time recorded individually for each participant from crossing starting line to finish). You do not have to sign in any group to run with a rabbit, just find a pacemaker who is supposed to run your target result and start the run there. Each rabbit will have a wing during whole run. Get to know them closer.