35th PZU Warsaw Marathon- accompanying events

The 35th PZU Warsaw Marathon is fast approaching. There are already over 6 500 runners registered. All signs indicate that in September we will witness the next attendance record. However, the jubilee PZU Warsaw Marathon will be unique in many aspects. During following weeks we are going to reveal more information about the 35th PZU Warsaw Marathon. Let’s start with the event schedule.


High Five Race” (5km)                                                                          

The 35th PZU Warsaw Marathon starts from the Poniatowski Bridge
on 29 September at 9 am on the dot. Participants of the
accompanying “High Five Race” start 30 minutes later. 
That’s a great opportunity for all runners who would like
to participate in the marathon weekend but aren’t ready for
the full distance yet. Participants of the “High Five Race”
start from the Poniatowski Bridge, run to de Gaulle roundabout,
around the palm and continue to the finish line located next
the National Stadium. There is a limit of 5000 race numbers.
The race is open to everyone who is over 15 years old on 29
September. The starting fee is 40zł. Registration starts soon.

High Five Race


Inline Skating and Handbike Marathon                                                  

The Marathon weekend kicks off on Saturday. Inline Skating
Marathon, the first accompanying event of the 35
th PZU Warsaw
Marathon, starts at 12:00. Lovers of this sport, which is
continuously gaining popularity, will compete on the course
the National Stadium and nearby. 3 hours later athletes
on handbikes will compete on this very same course.
The competition will be even more interesting due to the
participation of Rafał Wilk – a double Paralympic Games
champion in the handbike category. Information on registration
will be published on the Marathon’s website soon.


Handbike Marathon 
Inline skating marathon



Running Seminars

For those who would like to know even more about running
we have prepared series of seminars. Free lectures given
coaches, doctors, dieticians and famous sportsmen start
on Saturday at 12:00 in the Marathon Office.







Activities for children                                                                                          

Marathon weekend is not only about adults. Special
Track & Field points at the exterior promenade of the
National Stadium will be prepared specially for children.
All those points will be open throughout the weekend and
will be run by qualified instructors providing security and fun.