An official statement on the situation involving Recho Kosgei


Recho Kosgei, after an ambitious and also exhausting run she led, fluctuated 800 meters away from the goal. She tackled a significant fight to return to the race. According to the rules of IAAF, assisting her would indicate automated disqualification and losing all the initiative of the day. The professional athlete was conscious, as well as her life was not endangered. Considering that the athlete did not signal that she wants to surrender, the marathon team standing on the side of the road as well as in the lead automobile that dropped in front of her has monitored the scenario. A rescue was called immediately.

As the professional athlete herself defines this situation: 'I felt extremely solid the entire race. I don’t remember what happened at that point. When I see myself on the video clip I just know I actually intended to get up and keep going. (…) I was so certain as well as understood this was going to be my day. Besides those months of hard work with my trainingsmates of Volare Sports, I understood I can do it.’

As her manager claimed before, Recho missed her containers at the 30, 35 as well as 40km mark during the race. 'It was an abuse, I saw the Ethiopan woman passing me and understood the game mored than. Yet I give thanks to God I am healthy and balanced. I was taken to the health center and they took good care of me. I might travel residence the next day.’

We have actually been in contact with the coordinators concerning this issue, they have actually cared for Recho in their best way possible. Support came quickly when they discovered. Typically authorities are not allowed to aid because the professional athlete will certainly be disqualified. Our collegue rushed to Recho and also helped her out. She was aided as soon as possible.– states the manager of the professional athlete.

Full declaration of the Recho Kosgei manager you can find: BELOW.


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